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Giving Back

Rise As One

Yoga Kula believes that Yoga is not merely moving the physical body but supporting the community. For this reason, we have chosen to support Rise As One to fight for something and make a difference beyond the walls of our studio...

What they do:

Provide a bridge between projects and a platform for yogis and the general community wanting to be of service. Their skills are matched to social causes to help elevate their communities and enhance impact.

The Problem:

  • Female adolescents are vulnerable to child marriage; whether forced by rape or abduction.
  • Child marriage and trafficking results in vulnerability to HIV, maternal healthcare complications, and domestic violence.
  • Lack of affordable healthcare and sex education for children and expectant mothers results in complications as the uneducated child is forced into an unending cycle of poverty
  • Indian girls under 5 are 50% more likely to die than boys simply for being girls due to lack of care and medical attention.

The Solution: 

  • Rise As One has combined forces with the Bodhicitta Foundation in Nagpur, India to support and strengthen adolescent girls
  • Rise As One aims to have  30 adolescent girls attending university and gaining an education in social work, I.T skills, and trades, enabling them to take these skills back to their communities to become the next generation of mentors and support other women and girls.
  • Supporting a girl's home enables the social enterprise to provide 7000 meals per year for 20 undernourished children, allowing for a transformation across multiple generations. 
  • Our funds will support:
    - School and university fees and supplies such as textbooks
    - Medical, nutritional, emotional and mental support
    - Training workshops in English and IT skills
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Kumbuka Project

I met Sophia at her book launch (Lots of Love Soph) in December last year. It was an encounter that inspired me to help. Sophia is a young girl who has grown up in Pymble. After Uni she decided to travel. With a heart full of love and a head in the clouds, Sophia sets out for an adventure of a lifetime on the other side of the world. In a compilation of emails back to her family, Sophia writes vivid accounts of her experiences abroad over the course of three years... delivering babies in Kenya, having tomato fights in Spain, glimpsing Gordon Ramsey in London, and more. She captures everything she encounters along her journey, including love, loss, and invaluable life lessons.

During her time in Africa, she helped out at and orphanage there and her heart went out to helping the 80 children that spent there time there. The funding was pulled on the school and sophia vowed to help. Being innovative and committed to help these kids she came home and wrote her book with a hundred percent of the proceeds going to the school. Together with the friends she met the school she set up the Kumbuka Project http://www.kumbukaproject.com/ f

The Kumbuka Project, named as such because of it’s Swahillian definition “remember”, is evidence that the children were to remain in the hearts of the volunteers who had worked there. Today, Kumbuka Project is being run by Sophia Goodwin, Brittany Pratt and Jessica Hall. Kumbuka Project’s mission is to support the Centre, ensuring that each child has access to a future and the opportunity to improve their quality of life.


Childrens Centre

The Children’s Centre is a non-profit charitable organisation that provides support for orphans and vulnerable children, people living with AIDS or whom are HIV positive, senior aged people, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups within the community. It has been operating for over 10 years and is legally registered with the government of Kenya. The  Children’s Centre began as a free nursery school in 2007, and currently provides free education for over 80 children, along with daily meals.

Being a sponsor with the Kumbuka Project is very easy. Sponsoring the children at BOC means that you are giving these kids a greater opportunity at life, through assisting with their health, education and other needs, by giving a monthly donation of $30 USD. In return you will receive monthly updates on how the children are adoing and how BOC is improving through your support. For more information on how to become a sponsor please email kumbukaproject@gmail.com


Name: Kumbuka Project

Account number: 900756313

BSB: 012 306

We also have a paypal option.


100% of the donations received for BOC through Kumbuka project go directly to the home.