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Pricing Packages

Yoga Price Packages

  • Intro Yoga Pass

  • $49

  • Unlimited Yoga Pass for 1 month only Pilates Reformer classes not included No service or transaction costs
  • Purchase
  • Intro Pilates Yoga Pass

  • $49

    10 days
  • Unlimited Yoga Unlimited Pilates Reformer Great to try different styles and classes
  • Purchase
  • 5 Class Pass

  • $105

    6 weeks
  • Pilates Reformer not included Pass valid for 6 weeks only Great for the short term No service or transaction costs
  • Purchase
  • 10 Class Pass

  • $195

    12 weeks
  • Pilates Reformer not included Entitles you to go to any studio Expires after 12 weeks Helps you to commit to once a weeks class
  • Purchase
  • 20 Class Pass

  • $349

    26 weeks
  • Pilates Reformer not included Entitles you to use this pass at any studio Expires after 26 weeks Helps you to commit to once a week
  • Purchase
  • 50 Class Family

  • $799

    Per Year
  • Pilates reformer not included Entitles you to go to any studio Expires after one year Best choice for family.
  • Purchase
  • Drop in class Pass

  • $23

    Per Class
  • Perfect for now and again
  • Purchase
  • Gold Membership

  • $59

    Per week
  • Unlimited Yoga and Pilates Reformer classes Minimum of 4 month contract only No service or transaction costs
  • Purchase
  • Silver Membership

  • $34

    Per week
  • Pilates reformer not included Membership is for 6 months contract only No service or transaction costs
  • Purchase

Pilates Price Packages

  • Pilates Intro Pass

  • $45

    3 Classes
    • A great place to start.
    • To be used within 2 weeks.
  • Purchase
  • 5 Class Pass

  • $140

    3 Months
    • Great if you cant commit for longer
    • Valid 12 months from purchase.
  • Purchase
  • 10 Class Pass

  • $260

    1 year
    • Commit to 10 classes for results
    • Valid for 12 months from purchase
  • Purchase
  • 20 class pass

  • $480

    1 year
    • Commit to 20 classes for results
    • Valid 12 months from purchase
  • Purchase
  • 50 Class Pass

  • $997

    1 year
    • The more you buy the cheaper it is
    • Valid 12 months from purchase
  • Purchase
  • Unlimited Pilates

  • $59

    per week
    • Membership for one year
    • $118 debited fortnightly
  • Purchase

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What Classes we offer

Align Kula


A moderately paced, alignment focused class, this practice is suitable for complete beginners or students looking to deepen their understanding of yoga and the key principles of alignment of fundamental postures. The class begins with a focus on calming and controlling the breath and then moves into a physical asana practice. The practice will focus on setting up the foundations for Flow practices, and on specific anatomical regions, or families of postures. Ideal for newer students. No prior experience required.

Hot Flow and Flow Kula

1 HOUR - 90 MIN

Sweat and feel energised

A  sequence of postures that synchronizes breathe with movement in order to build strength, balance and flexibility. These classes move at a slightly faster pace. The class will follow a flowing format of standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, backward bends, twists and hip openers finishing with deep relaxation and meditation.  You’ll be flowing smoothly from one pose to the next, as each segment of the class is linked by a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar). Each class will vary slightly depending on the teacher, but all classes will follow a general structure to ensure that your overall experience is balanced and cohesive.The hot flow class is done in a room that is heated to 32 degree.

Yin Kula


Deeply relax and stretch

Yin classes involve long, luxurious holds in restorative forward bends, hip openers, and inversions. You’ll focus on your breath like never before, and will experience deep release as we work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress. Quietening the mind is the supreme focus of this class. A must for all yogis, beginner to advanced

Hot Kula


Our signature HOT class is practiced in a heated room (34 degrees) a sixty minute sequence comprised of  asanas (postures)  intended to purify and cleanse the mind, body and soul. This is a dynamic class suited for everybody with an astute emphasis on proper alignment, breath flow and precise movement intended to increase your endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration.  The structure of the class is the same, which allows for the student to evaluate their progress each time. Modifications are given.

Teen Kula


This fun and active series of classes for teens has been especially developed for the needs of young adults. Yoga is wonderful for helping teens develop focus, become more centered, develop discipline, improve posture and cope with tensions. They will have fun and have the opportunity to meet others. This course can also be included as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Kula Gives

How can Kula Gives support my cause

We are happy to offer our yoga centres as a platform to fundraise for causes close to your heart. We can host your posters on our community boards for an upcoming charitable event. We can also amplify your reach and help spread the word through social media. Word of mouth is so powerful! Let’s keep talking about what is going on in our community and the different ways we can work together to create change. Please send our community team an email with your request. We need about 3 weeks of lead time, so please plan ahead!

In order for Kula Yoga to accept your application your proposal should align with our Kula Gives Charitable Themes

How can I fundraise for my cause with Donation Classes?

We are opening up our centres to host what we call “DIY” donation classes, to raise funds to support charities our Kula Yoga community is passionate about. This includes teachers, members, non-members and local charity representatives.

Kula Yoga will work with you to promote the event across all of our channels. The classes will be listed on our schedule as a “Kula Gives by donation,” as well as being supported by our events calendar and potential blog post.

**Thank you for all the Kula Gives submissions. We have committed to a selection of local charities at this time but please submit any requests to have on file for future opportunities.**

Kindly send us an email for consideration.

Can Yoga Kula donate a raffle or auction item to my event?

Yes, we have a limited amount of allotted donations in kind for auctions and the like. As we shift our focus towards different causes throughout the year, we typically distribute donation passes to causes that align with our charitable theme at that particular time.

Please click on the button below to contact us via email.

Contact Us

Cant afford to come to yoga? Come free and commit to cleaning the studio for 1.5 hour per week.

Are you a Uni Student or unemployed? Would love to do Yoga but cant afford it.

Yoga Kula welcomes you to be part of our team! Come and do unlimited yoga and do Karma yoga by doing odd jobs or cleaning the studio,

1.5 hours per week.

Call Jen on 0418 138 779 to chat about commencing Karma Yoga 🙂