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Who We Are And What We Do

Kula is a Sanskrit word for “community of the heart”

Kula : a group that unites and comes together of its own free will that shares a common purpose. At the heart of Kula is connection; for it’s in our true nature to connect with ourselves, our community and the world we live in. At the core of Kula is goodness and to honor goodness first, within us and around us. Yoga and Pilates Kula is rooted in community and is dedicated to bringing yoga and pilates to anybody seeking a healthy and balanced life. Our purpose is to make the world a better place.

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Our passion is thoughtful teaching

We love any excuse to share our knowledge of yoga with you especially practical things involving movement, anatomy, biomechanics and all other aspects of yoga that will enhance your life. Although we embrace diverse yoga styles, each of our classes shares a common theme—an excellence in teaching. Many of our teachers have completed a minimum of 500 hours of YogaAlliance certification, and many of our senior teachers have honed their craft for at least 10 years. Our signature Yoga and Pilates Kula classes deliver precise instruction to align your breath with fluid movement. We place emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and modifications so you can customise your practice along the way.

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Our goal is to make you feel at home

Your experience of coming to Yoga Kula will be all about you. When you start with us we will go out of our way to make sure we find the right class for you where you feel at ease and at home on the mat. Make sure you tell the teacher if you have any injuries etc. We want to know so we can be mindful of whatever it is throughout the class and give you modifications if required, so you can move on the mat in a way that supports growth and wellbeing.

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