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The teenage years are both an exciting and challenging time for many adolescents due to the many changes that are happening as their bodies and brains are rapidly developing. Yoga is the perfect activity to take them through these years of change with strength, compassion and enhanced self-esteem.Regardless of what’s going on in their external world, yoga can gift teenagers with the ability to draw on their internal strength, intuition and strong sense of self to help them holistically manage the challenges of everyday life.

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Yoga for teens can be a wonderful experience for teens. It is lighthearted, fun and can be dynamic. They get the opportunity to relax deeply at the end of the class which has great benefits for teens particularly if they are anxious or stressed. Whats more they absolutely love the end bit! Yoga helps helps teens develop focus, become more centred, breath better, develop discipline, improve posture and cope with tensions. They will have fun and have the opportunity to meet others. This course can also be included as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Course contents


Each class will begin with breathing techniques and a fun theme that teens can relate to.


Learning a dynamic sequence of postures (asanas) that include hip openers, backbends and shoulder openers.


Poses to develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination


Learn breathing and meditation techniques to assist in developing skills of mindfulness, focus, attention and reducing reactivity.


Improve fitness and physical health

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve optimism

Improve focus and school performance

Improve self-esteem and body image

Encourage creativity

Work towards Duke of Edinburgh Award

Have fun and meet people


Teen Comments

“I began yoga when I was 15 and it quickly became a much-needed 'escape.' As a teenager in this country, everything for us is in excess. We have emotions in excess, pressure to do well in school in excess, social media and constant interaction with our peers in excess, just plain old stuff in excess. It sometimes feels impossible to get away from all of the excessiveness. Yoga provides that outlet to focus on one thing at a time in a culture that's raised us to love multitasking. Now as a college student this 'escape' has transformed into a way through which I live my life: removing the 'excess' both on and off the mat.“


age 16

“A yoga practice for me began from always admiring it and wanting it, but never having the self-discipline to do it. Once I did begin, it became all I wanted to do and talk about, and I still wanted so much more. Yet I still expected too much from it and wondered why it wasn't helping fix every other area of my life and why I wasn't advancing further. Once I did find a teacher with deeper study...it began to make sense to me. I remember leaving my first weekend of teacher training thinking, "Why wasn't this required in high school?"’

Caleb B.

age 19

“I am deeply entrenched in the arts and I use all different mediums from sketching to acting to express my thoughts and relieve whatever is pressing at that moment in time; but I have learned that yoga in its entirety (asana, pranayama, meditation) takes [away] the angst...that I have, at times, felt in my art. It is a medicine for me to practice yoga.”


age 16

“I practice yoga because it brings me a lot of positivity. I began my practice at the age of 17 with the intention of building flexibility and strength, but found I also gained control over body awareness and breath, increasing my overall health."

Caleb S.

age 18